I’m an Organic Caml developer at a proprietary trading firm in New York City.

I have been known to iOS. I made a word game called Monologue and a puzzle game called Kalision.

Once upon a time, I did R&D stuff at Warby Parker.

Before that, I worked at Trello. I used to work at Fog Creek Software, but then we split into separate companies. For a few years I worked on the iOS app, but I worked on the web client for a while too.

I have a Twitter account and an email address.

I like learning about different programming languages. I used to spend a lot of my spare time designing languages, but then I started writing Haskell.

I’m afraid of bodies of water so deep that you can’t see the bottom of them and of being forgotten after I die.

I grew up in Austin, but now I live in Brooklyn.